Replica Omega Speedmaster ’57 Watch

A new classic, if I can present this Omega replica in such a way. It’s definitely a hot piece from Omega and I’m glad they’re jumping up a step and coming out with such fun models like this one. You’ll find Omega replica watches as being more popular for the Seamaster collection but boy did the Speedmaster collection make a comeback with this piece! Good quality fake Omega watches are not always an easy find so I’m glad I get to show you some more pics on this AAA grade Omega replica.


This replica Omega Speedmaster ’57 watch is without a doubt a real Speedmaster piece. Everything that the Speedmaster collection has been getting us used to so far is embodied in this design.

The two-tone rose gold and stainless steel combo just nails it. New and fresh and fitting so well with today’s trends. It’s also one of the larger, bigger Omega cases so another reason why I like it. I just think that these days you can’t go wrong with a big watch that has some rose gold theme to it.

Powered by an automatic self-winding Japanese movement time is kept well and precise. Stopwatch function on the 9 o’clock dial and the 3 o’clock dial that sort of gives you a military hour match the original really good. Date at 6 o’clock is also just like on the original and the seconds hand has a good sweep as it should have.

It’s a great tribute to the Omega lunar missions but at over $10k it’s a bit too much for my pocket. This replica Omega Speedmaster though is a good alternative so far in my opinion and it’s hard to tell it’s a fake. Not a lot of people know their Omega watches and this one’s a really good copy.

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